November 19, 2021    

Estrogen affects exercise in menopausal woman according to a new study.

The study was done on mice, which have some relevant hormones to humans, and published in Nature.
Though humans are not mice, the study did find some intriguing aspects on how estrogen sparks activity in women, particularly before ovulation.
It may also explain why menopausal women are less likely to exercise due to reduced levels of estrogen.
The results of the study also show the relationship between the brain and biology, and how they work together and determine why women get up and move or remain mostly sedentary.

However younger women are also more active as a result of lifestyle – raising children, running a household and often working leaves little opportunity to be sedentary. When these women do have spare time, they are likely to be spending it exercising or in social activities with children, a partner or friends and other family members.

As women become menopausal and children are grown, there are fewer demands to be active corresponding with more free time heading into retirement.
Menopausal women who have exercised all their lives may not feel the pull to be sedentary as much as those who haven’t exercised.

More Estrogen or Adaptogenic Herbs

Increasing estrogen levels in older women might encourage more activity, though estrogen replacement is controversial subject due to heightened risk of cancer and other concerns.
So it might not be the best way to encourage exercise in menopausal women.

A better alternative is to encourage adaptogenic herbs for peri-menopause and menopausal women. Adaptogenic herbs play a strong role in mitigating the physical stress of hormonal changes due to age as they help balance and restore the body.

What are Adaptogenic Herbs?
These are herbs like maca, ginseng, ashwagandha, rhodiola, astragalus and schisandra that assist the body’s physiological functions to respond better to outside stressors.
They do this by lowering the stress threshold, which supports your adrenal glands, important for hormonal balance.  Every woman should be on adaptogen herbs for support during major hormonal changes.

How do you Choose the Right Adaptogen?
One way is to study the benefits of each herb to determine which one is best suited to a person’s particular needs.
Some herbs are more beneficial for the immune system, others are better for stress while still others are better for hormone balance.
All adaptogens benefit all of these areas – stress, immune support, hormone balance, motivation and clarity.  It depends what a person wants most.
Many women like maca, others may prefer astragalus or rhodiola.
Sometimes you have to try it for a month and note what effect it has on the body.
It takes about a month to determine the benefits. Sometimes benefits can be experienced in two weeks or less, but long term benefits take a month or longer.

Another way to learn about  herbs like adaptogens is to read the Herbal Collective magazine online. Get a free sample of the magazine here.

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