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This business directory is where you can find products or services in the herbal or natural health industry. Take a look and if there is something you need that you don’t see here, please let us know from the Contact page.

Photo of Edible Island
Edible Island

At Edible Island Whole Foods Market we offer our customers a warm and friendly shopping experience with highly skilled and trained staff who will exceed your customer service expectations.
The Market provides nutrition-conscious shoppers an opportunity to shop where locally grown, organic, gluten free and celiac safe options are readily available. Locally grown vegetables, meat, fruit, dairy products and baked goods are always in store for you.
We also carry an extensive selection of vitamins and supplements, bodycare alternatives and household cleaning options. Many of their supplements and bodycare options are either local, BC based or Canadian owned.

Photo of Ferlow Botanicals
Ferlow Botanicals
Ferlow Botanicals provides retail shopping online for botanical health and beauty products.
Currently Canada-only but if you give us a call we can ship your package to USA or other countries.
Manufacturing quality personal care products fresh in small batches with clean ingredients.
We also do contract private-brand manufacturing. Please inquire.
Photo of Neem Research
Neem Research

In 2017 a new WNO – WORLD NEEM ORGANISATION, Mumbai, India was established by 14 core-founding Neem experts and researchers from Africa, Australia, Bangladesh, India, North America, Europe, and The Middle East.
Klaus Ferlow, master herbalist, represents North America, Germany, United Kingdom and the Scandinavian countries.
The organizations’ purpose is to educate, promote and market the benefits and healing power of the miraculous versatile medicinal Neem tree that offers better plant, human, animal, and environmental health under the banner “Neem – The Earth’s Saviour!”
Contact Klaus for more details. Also visit http://www.neemresearch.ca, http://www.worldneemorganisation.org and Ferlow Botanicals http://www.ferlowbotanicals.com

Photo of Soul Comfort Sheepskin
Soul Comfort Sheepskin

Soul Comfort Sheepskin provides natural sheepskin and sheep wool products handcrafted in the Cowichan Valley and shipped globally.
Whether your dealing with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Osteopetrosis, Sheep’s Wool is the answer.
Products for health and wellness, bedding, footwear, yoga and massage, babies and children, pets, clothing and outerwear, auto and sports.