No Push Button Solutions to Better Health

There’s no magic, push button solution to better health.
Sometimes we wish it were so – pop a pill, supplement, drink an herbal tea or some other drink like chlorophyll.
These types of things can certainly work, but it all has to be taken into context.
It depends on your particular health, your age, gender, what issues you have or don’t have, whether you eat healthy or not, get exercise every day or weight train.
For many people, it’s more of a timeline – we start at one place and end up at another. Over time our bodies change – the herbs or supplements we consume may not be the ones we took in the past.
But we know we are getting healthier when the issues that plagued us become a thing of the past.
Maybe that constant bloating goes away, PMS isn’t a problem anymore, you sleep more soundly and have more energy, better focus and motivation.

Spring Detox
Sometimes changing our health starts with a spring detox program.
This could mean taking herbal supplements and/or altering the diet with better food and drinks.
Or maybe you want to take it slow and introduce one new supplement at a time, rather than a range of different herbal products and supplements over the course of 10-14 days.
A spring detox can have a big impact on your life, but it is important to prepare accordingly.

Altering the Diet
Perhaps you want to change things and level up your health, but the idea of a spring detox sounds like too much all at once.
Don’t worry – altering the diet a little at a time can still make a significant impact on your health.
Often it’s our daily habits that define us – is walking every day part of your life?
Is a coffee with two creams and two sugars important to you along with your morning muffin?
Sometimes we need to examine what is important to us and why to understand what needs to change.

Fearful of Change
Are you fearful of change?
Comfortable with the status quo?
Sometimes we don’t want to change our habits because it serves us to a certain degree.
But ask yourself this – how important is your health?
How important is to change your habits little by little to have the healthy body that you crave?
When it’s important to you it’s time to take action.

Take Action Now
Think of all the things you want to do with a healthier perhaps lighter body.
Losing extra weight and being more energetic can make a world of difference.
Perhaps you will finally plan that trip you always wanted to take or try that new sport.
The weather is getting better – soon people will be flocking to beaches and parks, having fun with friends and family.
Don’t let life pass you by – take action today.
Discover how you can lose the weight and have the body you want with a tailored plan specifically for you.
Visit health coaching now to find out more.

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