April 14, 2022 by  Marilyn Zink

Grapefruit essential oil has a bright and happy scent that is a wonderful oil to use for early spring.
The uplifting scent may help balance mood, has anti-oxidant benefits, may help acne, suppress the appetite and assist in weight loss.
The oil has some documented benefits for suppressing appetite that may also result in weight loss.

One study showed rats exposed to the scent for 15 minutes 3 times a week experienced reductions in appetite, body weight and food intake.
Though the results are promising, they’re currently limited to animal studies.

Massage Oil to Promote Weight Loss
The essential oil applied topically by being massaged on the belly has been observed to promote weight loss.
A study in post menopausal women found that the essential oil massaged on the belly helped promote weight loss.

Participants in the study massaged their bellies two times a day 5 days a week. Once a week they received a full body aromatherapy massage with 3% grapefruit essential oil, cypress oil and three other oils.

Grapefruit essential oil contains the compound limonene, which has a positive effect on mood and anxiety.  Treating with grapefruit essential can be considered a complementary treatment to anxiety disorders.

Along with reducing anxiety, grapefruit essential oil can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure levels. Inhaling the essential oil can have an immediate effect on lowering stress and blood pressure levels.

This can also have an impact on lowering cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress.

Grapefruit essential oil also has strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial effects. One study found that grapefruit essential oil was the most powerful compared to 5 other essential oils when it was used against MRSA, (a group of bacteria that is typically hard to treat with common antibiotics).

The oil’s antibiotic properties made it ideal for fighting skin conditions like acne.  The oil is best used diluted in a cream for use on the face.  Grapefruit essential oil contributes to healthy skin with its refreshing scent and anti-oxidant properties.


Grapefruit essential oil can be inhaled, sprayed in the air or used in diffusers, used in the bath and massaged on the skin. It should not be ingested.

The essential oil should be diluted into a base oil or cream for direct use on the skin.
Grapefruit essential oil may cause some photosensitivity – avoid using before exposure to the sun. Avoid using on pets or in pregnancy.

This article was first published in the March issue of the Herbal Collective.

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