July 11, 2023    

Stand-up paddle boarding has great health benefits and has been the watercraft with the biggest increase in participation in the last few years.
The industry has seen a 500% increase over the last five years.  The pandemic had a big impact on that as people rediscovered nature and the outdoors in their local area.
Since people couldn’t travel, the stand-up paddle board became the water craft of choice. It’s easy to see why.
The investment is less than kayaks, the sport is easy to learn, boards are fairly light and easy to carry plus they are easy to transport.
It’s a safe, low impact sport that a wide variety of people can do.
In 2019 the average cost of a stand-up paddle board was $500 to $1500. The inflatable paddleboards are the most popular, taking 75% of the market share in 2017.
It’s interesting to note than more than 56% of participants in the sport are under the age of 35, and more than 50% of them are male.
Stand-up paddle boarding is a fun activity that also has a wide array of health benefits.

Low Impact Sport

Paddle boarding is a low impact sport that reduces wear and tear on the body. It takes the stress offyour body while helping to get you in shape.

Full Body Workout

Paddle boarding provides an intense, full body workout that targets multiple muscle groups.
It targets the arms, shoulders and chest as you paddle but also the leg and stomach muscles as you balance on the board while absorbing the waves. This constant balancing action is good for core strength and endurance.

Heart Health Benefit

Paddle boarding is good for cardiovascular health.  Paddling for a couple hours or more will elevate the heart rate and keep it there. You will feel the effects after a long paddle. The action of carrying the board and supplies to the beach plus pumping up the board, if it is an inflatable, will also elevate the heart and have a positive effect.

Improves Balance

Paddle boarding improves balance. If you’ve seen people doing yoga on a paddle board, you might be amazed at how they manage to do a yoga exercise without falling off.  But simply standing on the paddle board as your body adjusts to the water can also improve balance. At first it might be a little rocky, but as your core muscles get stronger you will get better at balancing on the board. Maybe you’ll even try yoga on your board.

Stress Relief

Paddle boarding is great for stress relief. It’s a stressful world in the last 3 years. Anytime you can get out and enjoy nature will help to reduce stress.  Paddle boarding reduces stress because you have to concentrate on what you are doing, which helps to forget your troubles. Getting out on the water and enjoying nature with exercise is great for mental health.  When you take a few snacks and stop at a little private beach, it’s even better.

Lose Weight

Stand-up paddle boarding can help you lose weight.
Stand up paddle boarding is a great way to exercise and burn calories. As the activity also strengthens your muscles, you will be more toned which burns even more calories.  Carrying the board and also pumping it up, if it is an inflatable, will also burn calories.

Cross Benefits

Cross benefit from other water activities.  Paddle boarders often do other water sports such as sailing, power boating or kayaking.  An inflatable stand-up board is easy to take on a larger boat for cruises, so the workout can be done while going to other locations.  The inflatable boards can be taken on planes and trains as well as a vehicle so they are easy to take on vacation, camping trips, etc. This way you can get in a workout wherever you go on holiday and get a new experience.

Paddle boarding is a super fun activity that can improve your overall health and fitness levels. The amount of benefit you get is directly related to how much effort you put into paddling. A leisurely paddle won’t provide as much benefit as a more vigorous paddle.
However a healthy diet with herbs will give you the energy to achieve the health benefits of paddle boarding.

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