October 17, 2023    

It’s fall, Halloween is coming so what do you do with your garden?

There are herbs associated with Halloween and along with pumpkins and other gourds, you can use them to have a spooky good time, mwahaha.

The use of these herbs goes back through the mists of time, enhanced by a rich history and folklore.
The types of herbs used are often connected to our ancestors and these vary by culture.

Artemesia (Mugwort) is a herb that was believed to protect a person against evil spirits. It was said that John the Baptist wore a girdle of mugwort when he went into the wilderness. Mugwort is considered a visionary herb so it can enhance dreaming.  It’s considered the perfect herb to provide extra protection and cast out demonic possession.

Sage is a plant associated with many attributes and used by many to promote wisdom and good luck. It is believed that carrying a sage leaf in your pocket will attract money!
It is associated with wisdom, protection, purification, protection and immortality.
Sage is associated in spells and is supposed to be a useful tool in cleansing. Sage is often burned to clear a home as part of the cleansing process.

Rosemary is known for increasing remembrance, so bathing in rosemary water is a way to enhance memory.  It can help to remember and make connections with ancestors. Ritual baths were also used as a blessing and for purification. Rosemary protects against evil spirits, particularly on Hallows Eve, and drives away negative energy.

Chamomile is an herb associated with purifying and protecting. Planting it or sprinkling around the house is believed to keep negativity from entering.  Chamomile may also promote dreamwork and is used as a sedative to help with sleep and meditation.

St. John’s Wort
This is an herb known for its medicinal qualities, particularly in aiding depression.
St. John’s Wort worn around the neck is believed to prevent fevers and encourage good luck.
During the Feast of St. John young women would hang the herb on a bedroom wall or put under her pillow to dream of her future husband.

If you have these herbs in your garden, one of the ways to use them is in a tea.  They can also be used in baths, hung in parts of a room or put under a pillow.  Make sure to clean up the dead or decaying herbs in the garden and fertilize as necessary. Some herbs can be potted and brought indoors as long as there is a sunny window where they can get enough light.
October in the herb garden can still be a fun time of year to enjoy your garden before winter sets in.
Make the most of it and decorate your garden for Halloween. Or enjoy the herbs described above in a variety of ways.