Most Covid Hospitalizations Due to 4 Health Conditions

Most Covid 19 hospitalizations are connected to 4 common medical conditions that put people at higher risk for severe illness from the disease.

These 4 conditions are metabolic disorders like Type 2 diabetes, obesity and heart conditions like high blood pressure (hypertension) and heart failure.
People with these four conditions are more likely to be hospitalized with COVID-19 according to recent studies published in the Journal of the American Heart Association on February 25, 2021.

Data gathered by the research team led by Meghan O’Hearn and Dr. Dariush Mozaffarin of Tufts University calculated the percentage of COVID-19 hospitalizations that could have been prevented without these four underlying conditions.

Based on their model, 30% of hospitalizations were attributable to obesity, 26% to hypertension, 21% to diabetes, and 12% to heart failure. More than one of these conditions often exist in the same person.
They calculated these people would still have been infected with COVID-19, but likely would not have been sick enough to need hospitalization.

Poor immune response has been linked to the metabolic syndrome covering obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions.

Though older people are more likely to be hospitalized with a serious illness from Covid-19, those with obesity are affected across all ages to be more likely to be hospitalized.

Improving the conditions associated with metabolic syndrome will decrease the risk of serious illness and hospitalization.  Herbs and supplements can play a role in helping people to feel better and get results.

Herbal supplements have been definitely shown to decrease health issues from obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart failure.
A systematic review covering 5 trials of herbal medicine versus a placebo and 7 trials covering herbal medicine versus western medicine concluded that ‘herbal medicines were effective on decreasing waist circumference, blood glucose, blood lipids, and blood pressure.’

How to Improve Metabolic Syndrome

Before we look at which herbs can help, the first step to look at the diet to reduce sugary foods along with deep fried and fatty foods that cause weight gain and inflammation.
Next reduce or eliminate artificial sweeteners and trans fats like margarine and hydrogenated oils. Then reduce sodium to lower blood pressure. Make sure to lower alcohol intake too.

Increase fruits and vegetables in the diet and Omega 3 fatty acids found in nuts and seeds.  Include lean protein in every meal along with a salad.

Reduce blood pressure with chromium and potassium.
Reduce niacin with omega 3 fatty acid supplements, niacin and Vitamin B 3.
Reduce inflammation with turmeric, ginger, garlic and cinnamon.
Increase energy for exercise with chlorophyll and green tea.It’s important to exercise every day and fit in 30 minutes of exercise for better health.
The body is better able to use nutrients from exercise so get moving, even if it is a 15 minute walk in the morning and a 15 minute walk in the evening.

These are just a few tips to get started improving the effects of metabolic syndrome. Once you get started, you will continue and be amazed at the results. Consistency is important.

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