October 21, 2022    

There are many reasons to hire a nutrition coach.
A nutrition coach can enhance and improve their client’s life in many measurable ways.
We all put food in our mouths every single day, but the impact of that food isn’t always taken into account until an individual has health issues.
This could mean being overweight, increased stress, anxiety, poor immunity, decreased energy, insomnia, or developing Metabolic Syndrome(a cluster of conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes).

A health coach will work with a client over a set period of time to help them achieve their goals.

Health coaches are educated into understanding biology and the impact of how that nutrition affects a person’s health.
A nutrition certification in Precision Nutrition Level 1, the one I achieved, can let clients take confidence that the coach they hire is properly trained to work with them.

Food Choices
A nutrition coach help their client make healthy food choices based on what they want. It’s not a case of whether one type of diet is better than another, it is want works for a client based on healthy nutrition. If a client wants to follow a Keto diet, then the coach will work with them to use the best foods for that diet.
It’s about having the right balance of protein, carbohydrates (includes fruit and vegetables) and fats.
Herbs used wisely can also be part of the nutrition plan for a client. A certified nutrition coach will help you cut through the dieting BS and help you make healthy choices.

Portion Control

We all like to eat more of a particular food that we really enjoy.  A nutrition coach will help their client fill their plate in a healthy way that also leaves them feeling satisfied.  Understanding portion control and how to measure that is what nutrition coaches are trained to do.
I can help you learn how to measure portions simply by using your hands.

Accountability and Support

A nutrition coach will keep their client accountable and give them support when needed. It’s easy to read a book about nutrition but you can’t ask a book questions about your diet or lifestyle. A book won’t check in with you to ask how you are doing or determine what you need to achieve your goals.


Along with accountability and support, a nutrition coach can motivate their client to keep going to achieve their goals.
A nutrition coach is in your corner and can be your biggest cheerleader when things get tough and life gets stressful.
A nutrition coach can provide you with the tools and strategies you need to overcome obstacles and keep going.

Changing Habits

The things that we do on a daily basis, our habits – can make or break us. A nutrition coach can help their client break bad habits and create new healthy habits.  These habits can be life changing.

Do you want help changing your life?
Let’s face it – if you were able to do it on your own it would have happened already.

I’m in your corner. I’ve spent 25 years in the natural health industry. Schedule a no obligation call today with Marilyn Zink, certified in nutrition and coaching with Precision Nutrition Level 1. CLick here to schedule your call.

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