How to Make An Herbal Wreath

Making an herbal wreath for the festive season is a satisfying way to decorate.
This is especially true when your creations can be shared with others and will last for many years.

Even if they’re only good for one season, you will have something special that is not easily purchased in stores.
You can find the materials for your creations from local trees using pine boughs, holly, berries, seed pods, herbs, rose hips or whatever else is available.
Start at your local craft store to get the basics for making crafts such as wreaths, garlands and swags. These stores will often have a pre-made wreath or garland which is the core you can decorate fresh every year with new materials.

Wreath form
Bundles of plant material, herbs, pine boughs, etc
Sturdy wire
Floral pins
Florist wire
Small needle nose pliers and shears

These are the quintessential symbol of the holidays, used indoors or out. Making a wreath is one of the most popular herbal crafts. You can get a wreath form that is straw or moss covered.
You can find plentiful material for a base by using plants such as dried moss, fresh salal and ivy.

Herbs to Use

Then you can work with herbs such as rosemary, oregano, sage and bay leaves to use as a filler.
Add dried berries, holly, dried roses, etc.
Cut an eight-inch or longer piece of sturdy wire and bend it into a U. Insert this in the back at the top for a hanger. Use your pliers to curl the ends back into the front of the base.
Tie a piece of ribbon or raffia to the hanger so it will be easy to find when you are through.
Push the looped wire firmly into the base until it is flush or just slightly imbedded. The wreath will end up being quite heavy and having a dependable hanger is important.
Start at 3 o’clock on the wreath, which allows the beginning and end of the wreath to be somewhere other than the top where the eye is drawn.

Next, place a bundle of sturdy plant material, such as a pine bough, rosemary branch or holly branch, in the middle and secure with a floral pin or wrap with florist wire.
Work from three o’clock counter clockwise so the uneven stem ends of each pinned bundle get covered by the next bundle until you reach three o’clock again.

Bundles can be made to hold a lot, which will make the wreath making process go faster, or many smaller bundles can be used.
Smaller pieces can be used for grooming the wreath.

Sometimes it is handy to tie small stems or bundles of small stems to a floral pick.
The pick can then be inserted firmly into any gap that might show itself. This works for materials such as berries and dried flowers.
Keep your fresh wreath away from direct sunlight, air conditioners and heater vents to extend its life.

This is an excerpt from the guide An Herbal Christmas.
To learn more about making herbal decorations, crafts, homemade gifts and more for Christmas, get your copy here.

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