July 5, 2022    

Herbs have a wonderful ability to promote healing, even for those suffering from PTSD and trauma.
The healing can be accessed by a unique combination of Ayahausca and Chacruna, two herbs that have psychoactive indole alkaloids.
The combination is used in a tea to help participants heal from trauma at retreats hosted by the Pachamama Sanctuary based in Southern New Hampshire.

“Ayahausca is an emotional journey into the subconscious mind,” says Derek Januszewski , founder and lead pastor at Pachamama, who initially learned about the herb through a Joe Rogan podcast.

Derek came to the medicine in 2017 after a decade-long battle with addiction and as a survivor of tremendous abuse in many forms.
When he tried it, he says  “I found instant relief.”
He says the addictions he battled with were all rooted in trauma.
Through intense inner work, extensive work with medicine, and countless hours working in service, Derek has healed much of his trauma. The spiritual healing he received through the medicine inspired him to start the Pachamama Sanctuary to help others find their own path to health and happiness.
Retreat participants come on Friday and leave on Sunday, often as changed people.
“People come with all forms of trauma,” explains Derek.  “Some people refer to it as 10 years of healing in a single weekend.”
But he makes it clear that the herbal medicine facilitates the process, participants still need to do the work.
“The medicine doesn’t heal anybody. It allows you to remove the blocks so you can facilitate the healing.”
Some participants find one retreat works, others might want to come more often.
“Some people need one retreat. They find the path they need to be on,” says Derek.
But the effectiveness of the experience depends on how the participants integrates with it, explains Derek.
“If we don’t do anything, it just becomes a cool experience,” he says.
The Ayahuasca brew, which contains DMT, is a popular alternative for those with PTSD who have tried more traditional treatments such as therapy and medication but remain unsuccessful.

Benefits of Ayahuasca and Chacruna
Derek says the Ayahuasca and Chacruna are brewed together at a low temperature for 5 days.
“The Ayahuasca vine does have benefits but the Chacruna unlocks the visionary part of it,” says Derek.
“Most people would call it a psychedelic.”
He says the herbal medicine allows people to know themselves better, to sit and listen to their intuition.
“The medicine will help you unblock the things that are holding you back.”
Once that is done, participants need to do the work of changing thought patterns, behaviors and habits. It’s about making efforts on a daily basis, such as journaling or going for nature walks.
Derek suggests though who are considering using Ayahausca to lean into it with an open mind.
Ayahuasca is a tea derived from plants from the Amazon rainforest and has helped people gain insight and provide clarity into past traumas, providing a way to find peace resulting from addiction, PTSD or negative cycles.

What Ayahuasca Can Do
Ayahuasca can help participants to heal trauma, let go of the past and fear, and remove limiting beliefs and behaviors.

It can accelerate your growth to reach a higher level of consciousness, help you quiet your mind and harmonize your emotions.

It can help you to discover more about who and what you truly are, and deepen your spiritual connection so you can live ive each day with more peace, love, joy, clarity, and purpose

The Pachamama Sanctuary was founded in 2019 and since its inception their mission is to raise collective consciousness through the sacrament of Ayahuasca.

This article was first published in the Herbal Collective July 2022 issue. Subscribe to get access.