March 15, 2023    

When spring fever hits, herbs can help with feelings of restlessness and anxiety.
In the spring, there is something in the air due to the longer days and more sunlight.
Our body clock is governed by circadian rhythms which affects our energy levels and cycles of rest.
The body produces more melatonin during the long winter months. All that melatonin triggers a winter depression for those who are affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).
When the melatonin eases up in the spring, so does depression.

Even though the change towards spring weather sounds wonderful, it can cause seasonal mood changes that have more of an effect as we age. These mood changes can cause fatigue, sadness, irritability, trouble sleeping or getting motivated or other symptoms.

Wild herbs that pop up in the spring are great for counteracting the effects of spring fever.
These herbs affect the organs of the body by increasing metabolism, improving the immune system and increasing circulation. The herb that have this effect are dandelion, stinging nettles and wild garlic.


Dandelion revives and activates metabolism by improving the flow of bile which aids in digestion, especially the breakdown of fats.
Dandelion detoxifies the liver, which is important in spring. The herb is a natural diuretic which helps the kidneys clear out waste, salt and excess water. This can help prevent urinary tract infections.
Dandelion is high in anti-oxidants and a rich source of nutrients – especially magnesium and Vitamin C.
The young leaves can be used in a salad or chopped and eaten in toppings.

Stinging Nettle

This herb is very helpful for the effects of spring fever. It stimulates the circulation, increases immune strength and counteracts listlessness. Stinging nettle is a diuretic so it supports detoxifying the body.
It is high in nutrients with all of the essential amino acids, polyphenols, minerals like calcium, iron and magnesium and Vitamins A,C and K as well as several B vitamins.
These nutrients along with stinging nettles boost to the circulation all help combat the effects of spring fever.  The herb is also great for those who suffer from spring allergies.

Wild Garlic

Wild garlic is stimulating, invigorating and purifies the blood.
It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and increases circulation. The herb is rich in Vitamin C and iron.
Also known as bear’s garlic, the herb is good for fatigue, helps detoxify the body, fights inflammation , is good for the digestive system and can also improve heart health.
These reasons make it an excellent tonic for alleviating the effects of spring fever.

So try these herbs for spring fever. Along with herbs, it’s important to get outside more and exercise.  This couple with healthy eating habits can counteract the effects of spring fever on the body.
Make sure to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables, especially dark leafy greens which are rich in fiber, iron, magnesium and potassium.  Dark greens are high in folic acid, a B vitamin that is good for heart health and also prevents birth defects.