Herb Gardening Course

How to Start with Herbs-Introduction

Welcome to learning how to grow a flourishing herb garden with a large variety of herbs.
I’m so excited to have you as a valued member of this herb gardening course.
As someone who has grown herbs for nearly 20 years, I’m thrilled to share what I have learned with you so you can be successful with growing herbs, whether you have a small space or acreage.

I have grown herbs gardens at three different homes and my latest garden became the most elaborate, with more than 50 different plants. Of course, you can start quite simple or be as elaborate as you want.

Bonus: I have a special bonus to send your way as a surprise that will give you some ideas on how to harvest the herbs you are growing and what you can do with that harvest.

Also, there is a ‘graduation’ bonus at the completion of the course, so look for that at the end of the course

What to Expect in the Course

Ok, let’s get started. What kinds of herbs can you grow in your garden? The choices are almost endless, but just to give you an example, I’ll tell you what I’ve grown in my garden.

There’s garden sage, purple sage, bronze fennel, catmint, soapwort, creeping variegated thyme, woolly lamb’s ears, hollyhock, mother of thyme, lemon thyme, oregano,  sweet marjoram, parsley, coriander, salad burnet, agastache, sweet woodruff, wood betony, red valerian, lupine, columbine, echinacea, lady’s mantle, speedwell, lavender, bergamot, yarrow, chives, borage, hyssop and jasmine. Whew!

 You’re probably familiar with some of these and may wonder about others. Of course, your herb garden doesn’t need very many herbs or be elaborate.

Below is a rundown of what will be covered in the course, which will help you decide exactly which herbs to grow and which ones will suit your particular location and preferences.

Lesson 1: Overview and Laying the Groundwork

Lesson 2: Design Ideas

Lesson 3: Container Herbs

Lesson 4: Culinary Herbs and much more

Lesson 5: Beyond Culinary Herbs – Salad Herbs

Lesson 6: Beyond Culinary Herbs – Tea Herbs

Lesson 7: Medicinal Herbs

Lesson 8: Flowering and Fragrance Herbs

Lesson 9: Shade Herbs

Lesson 10: Herbs for Groundcover and Rock Gardens

Lesson 11: Weird and Wonderful Herbs

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