Lose Weight, Get Fit

Lose Weight, Get Fit
Business Name: Lose Weight, Get Fit
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Since 1980, obesity rate has doubled in 73 countries and increased in 113 others. And in all that time no nation has reduced its’ obesity rate. Not one…!!! Learn what we can do on this important weight loss (toxic fat loss) video. For women and men. Topics include:

– Learn how to lose weight (toxic fat) permanently & the proper way –  how and why the body stores fat

liver and insulin resistance and tips to reduce insulin resistance.
insulin and weight loss.
bowel toxemia
enzyme deficiency is leading to obesity
enzyme lipase breaks down fat (not all enzymes are created equal)
enzymes are required when using herbs
toxins are stored in body fat
why toxins in your food increase body fat
toxins do damage to the heart
how body eliminates toxins
20% weight loss in gym (exercise)
80% weight loss in kitchen (food)
stop trying to outwork a toxic lifestyle
tools for weight loss
how to lose weight without those expensive fad diets that do not usually work. And those expensive protein shakes… Soy is toxic to our health
how I lost 70 pounds in 60 days
be the change you want to see in the world
the diet industry relies on us being obese
watch the video – receive a FREE GIFT (details on site)

Watch this informative video  http://alturl.com/a49yi

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Business Website Address: Leading Edge Health
Business Phone Number: 1-250-220-1262

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