Online Learning Grows at Natural Health Institutions

It’s back to school time and many in the education industry are concerned about new coronavirus variants in the fall.
Though the pandemic is waning in much of the western world, there are still concerns about a 4th wave as a result of the Delta variant spreading quickly. Colleges and institutions in the natural health field have adapted many programs as a result of the pandemic.

Herbal Collective publisher Marilyn Zink spoke with several educators to learn how they have prepared and adapted to the coronavirus pandemic.
Most institutions have both online and in-person learning along with blended programs for students.

Online courses as well as a combination of in-person and online courses are offered at Oshio College of Acupuncture and Herbology says Dean Dr. Ganglin Yin.

More Comfort with Online Learning

“From our experience, students feel more comfortable with online courses,” says Dr. Yin.
“We can offer online until the end of December.”
He says in January students will be required to come to one of two campuses in Victoria, B.C. for education that that can’t complete online.

Windsong School of Healing offers a combination of online learning and in person education, depending on what the student is taking.
“We do our theory online now, we do a hands-on practical,” says Lori-Ann MacLeod, senior educational lead instructor.
The school offers an Esthetics and Spa Therapist program, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner program as well as a combined Certified Holistic and Shiatsu Diploma.
“You can also take Shiatsu separately or energy medicine, oriental bodywork,” says MacLeod.

The school uses a teaching platform for its online courses. “We have students from all over the world,” says MacLeod.
The school is currently based in Port Alberni but moving to the Vancouver, B.C. area in September.

Dominion Herbal College, North America’s oldest school of herbal medicine, established in 1926, offers a combination of online learning and blended programs (both online and in-person).
Chartered Herbalist and Herbal Consulting are offered online, the Master Herbalist is distance learning while the 4-year Clinical Herbal Therapy program is a combination of distance and in-person practicum

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