How Men Can Handle Stress Naturally

Men and women handle stress differently.
Blame biology or lifestyle, men—and particularly young men—find it more difficult adjusting to life’s pressure than females do, and they can sink more frequently into anger and depression when feeling burned out.
With the effects of Covid adding to the heavy workloads, student debts, and societal pressures Millennial and Generation XYZ men (and women) already face, how are men in particular coping with the extra pandemic stress?

Helping Men Cope with Stress

Clinical Psychologist Avantika Dixit has worked with young men and women around the world battling mental health crises.
A former tech entrepreneur and brain tumor survivor, she has dedicated her life to helping young people deal with the difficulties and disruptions that are so unique to the modern era.
Her passion for supporting mental health led her to create Woke Hero, an online social
therapy platform that’s like a virtual coach who can guide them through life’s rough
moments while helping them find meaning in their lives.
“Outside of career and financial struggles, until 2020, the biggest stressors for Millenials
were major life events like divorce, death, illness, or caring for a family member—
things that don’t happen too often,” says Dixit.
“The pandemic really turned up the switch on that and some of the most vulnerable
people to stress are young men who tend to ignore their own mental health needs.
They’re really struggling to navigate it all.

Causes of Stress in Men

But by knowing and understanding the causes of stress and taking the time to focus
on what’s happening within themselves, they can begin the journey towards peace of
Although men experience the same physical symptoms of stress that women do, recent
evidence suggests that women are better at managing stress in general and are far less
likely to experience depression from work related stress.
Men are also more likely to withdraw when stressed, which can introduce relationship
issues. Stress is also a leading cause of psychological impotence.
“There is no reason for men to continue suffering,” says Dixit. “They’re not alone.
There is a wealth of information, people, and even online therapy spaces like Woke Hero
that can help them reset their minds to stay happy and on track with their lives.
Dixit compiled a list of stress management insights and tips to help men —and everyone—to live more fulfilling lives.
To discover those tips, get the June 2021 issue of the Herbal Collective on men’s health.

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