Plan Meals Ahead to Burn Fat on Busy Days

It’s important to plan meals ahead of time so you can burn fat on busy days.

We have all had those hectic days when it seems like the to-do list is just never going to come to an end.
No matter how busy we get in our lives it is to still impotent to stick to our long-term goals like losing a bit of weight. You see losing weight is much like an aeroplane taking off – it doesn’t work if slows down at the end!

At the same time though, eating healthy for weight loss doesn’t have to be complicated as long as we make sure to plan ahead and anticipate the hectic days in our schedule. One convenient trick is to always have healthy snacks like a boiled egg or almonds. This way there is never an urge to binge on unnecessary excess calories.

Here are 6 tips for healthy meals on busy days:

Family Time

Always make sure that you have at least one meal of the day with your family that isn’t rushed. This promotes family bonding and let’s be honest, when you are not rushed to get to your next appointment it is easier to have a healthy meal!

A family meal can be any meal of the day, not necessarily just dinner. Just be sure to be flexible with what time the meal starts as not everyone will have the same schedule every day!

Be Prepared

To save time, plan meals and cook ahead. Cook several meals in advance and keep them in the freezer until you need them! For example you can always cook pasta one night and have only a portion of it warm leaving the rest for the next day as pasta salad.

Keep Ingredients that Make Simple Meals

By keeping it simple when you don’t have time, you won’t have the urge to buy unhealthy junk food from a takeaway joint! Here are some ingredients that make simple meals:

• 100 Percent whole-wheat bread
• Lean proteins
• Canned dried beans
• Low-fat or fat-free yogurt and cheese
• Whole-wheat pasta
• Fresh and frozen vegetables
• Fresh and canned fruits
• Fresh and dried herbs

Convenience and Health

There is such a massive health drive these days, that convenient snacks that used to be packed with calories are now being replaced with healthier alternatives!
If you are feeling hungry you can always pick up a protein bar that contains very little fat!
It’s also important to consume healthy fats like olive oil, flax seeds or flax seed oil, avocado or coconut oil or milk.

Simplify Your Life

Save time during meal preparations by keeping pre-cut fruit and veg in the fridge.
For a quick meal, stir-fry fresh or frozen vegetables in a wok and serve over cooked rice or noodles with lean protein such as fish or chicken. Add soy sauce along with minced or dried garlic and ginger for flavoring.
Fresh fruit will always be the best option but canned fruit will work just as well!
Just make sure that the canned fruit is not the sugary syrup kind, and wash the fruit before you consume it to reduce the sodium content.

Keep a Menu of Simple Meals

These meals should take 20 minutes or less to prepare. This is a really handy idea when you don’t have any time during your hectic busy days!

A stir-fry is a great meal that is quick and easy to prepare. Another option is to combine cooked quinoa with a can of drained chickpeas, cooked cubed sweet potatoes and slice avocado or a pesto sauce.

Losing weight isn’t something that you do only when you feel like it! It is something that you do every day, whether you feel like it or not!
It may not be easy but it is simple. Set yourself up for success by planning ahead with meal prep for 5 days ahead.
By controlling the portions, addng flavoring with herbs and spices and making meals interesting, you will be on the correct path to lose that stubborn excess body fat.

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