Spring is Time to Prepare for a Fresh Herbal Cleanse

Spring is coming and that means it’s time to send out the old and bring in the new with a fresh herbal cleanse for your body.
The heavy, rich foods for winter combined with Covid-19 quarantines and restrictions have likely left many people feeling heavier and more sluggish. Heading into spring is great time to consider an herbal cleansing program.

Some people compare it to a tune-up for the body, cleansing the main elimination organs of toxins so they perform more efficiently.
Others see it as an opportunity to kick start the body towards healthier eating patterns, with weight loss an often pleasant side effect.
Removing toxins built-up during winter can also mean your body is less susceptible to chronic conditions. It means you can have more stamina and better immune health regardless of age.


Planning when to start an herbal cleanse is a great idea.
It’s unwise to start a cleanse cold turkey without a transition time to prepare.
An herbal cleanse can have a powerful effect on the body.
The better prepared you are, the easier it will be to do the cleanse and the more long lasting the effects will be.

Prepare Your Mind

Getting mentally prepared is the first step towards an herbal cleanse.
This involves reading up on everything you can learn about an herbal cleanse.
Why should you do an herbal cleanse?  What can you expect on a cleanse?

What are the benefits of an herbal cleanse?
Keep in mind that an herbal cleanse is not for everyone.
This is something you may discover while doing your research.
It’s certainly not suitable for pregnant women.

However there are alternative to an herbal cleanse, such as a detox bath, that can be done.
Again, you will need to research the options to determine what is the best course of action.
Once you have done all your research and know what to expect, then you can determine the herbal cleanse that is right for you.

Prepare Your Body

Preparing your body for an herbal cleanse is an excellent idea to help open the elimination channels of the body.
Digesting heavy, fatty foods can take a lot of effort on your body.  Maybe you’ve spent the winter bingeing Netflix shows and snacking on chips, popcorn, nuts, chocolate or anything else you wanted.
It’s ok, no judgement.

But now you’ve had enough and want to get back on track to being healthy.
Start by bringing in healthy fruits and vegetables a week or two before you start your herbal cleanse.
You’ll have to give up all your junk food, red meat and alcohol. Stay firm – you are doing this for you.
Drink plenty of water or herbal tea.  Eat salads every day with a light dressing.
Use citrus fruits every day – cut them into slices and add to your water, add to your salads.
Eat them as an evening snack in place of the junk food.
Use healthy fats like coconut oil as part of a salad dressing or in a healthy smoothie.
When you are ready to start the cleanse, you can learn about the herbs used in a cleanse and more about detoxing foods to eat in the March 2021 issue of the Herbal Collective.

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