How to Improve Your Nervous System

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Nervous system issues can be avoided and improved as we get older.
Addressing these issues can give us a better qualify of life with less stress and anxiety.
So let’s talk about some little tweaks that give the nerves a happy boost.

Good Nutrition
Get good nutrition, both in your diet and a program of supplements tailored to do what your body needs it to do.
Eat healthy foods rich in potassium and calcium – as these two minerals regulate electrical impulses generated and transmitted by the nerves.
Good sources of calcium are milk, leafy greens, almonds and seeds and sardines.
Good sources of potassium are bananas, oranges, pomegranates and prunes.
The B vitamins are especially important for the nervous system as they help regulate the nerves and provide energy to the body.

Breathe deeply–and Correctly.
We all know how to breathe, of course, but most of us take shallow breaths, while tweaking the nervous system takes deep, slow, rib-cage-expanding breaths.

Besides helping the nerves, this deep-breathing technique calms the body. Why spend the night being anxious instead of sleeping? Concentrating on the breathing technique stops your brain from jumping from one topic to another, which also helps.

Sleep on Your Side
Sleep (or lie down) on your right side. This increases the variability of your heart rate and tweaks the king-of-the-nervous-system, the vagus nerve. Sleeping on the side is also better for your heart.

The louder the better. And singing in a group, whether in a choir, hymns in church, or enthusiastic songs from your radio or a favorite CD helps even more. Singing or humming also stimulates the nervous system.

Gargle as often as possible. Don’t drink a glass of water without getting a gargle in. Gargling can activate the vagnus nerve, which can lead to better brain health.

Chew Gum
Chewing gum is good for the nervous system as it can reduce stress and anxiety. This 2009 study found that under laboratory conditions chewing gum helped reduce overall anxiety and resulted in reduced cortisol levels – frequently known as the “stress hormone.”

The harder you laugh, the better it is. More than just getting into a happy mood, though, it’s about all the muscles that laughing relaxes and jiggles.
YouTube.com has thousands of comedy clips in various categories. It would probably take a year to watch all the possibilities that show up when you search on “clean comedy.”

Pet a Dog
Pet a dog, play with a child or embrace somebody. This helps your body release oxytocin, your I-love-the-world hormone.

Pray and Meditate
Pray and meditate to mellow things out. Prayer and meditation actually create physical changes in our bodies, but it’s not a matter of doing it by rote. These two practices can help calm and ground the nervous system.

Use Essential Oils
Essential oils such as lavender and bergamot are good for calming the nervous system. These therapuetic essential oils work to calm and relax the nervous system which can result in better sleep and coping skills.

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