Know Your Seven Spiritual Chakras

The human body has an indiscernible replica which is considered as your spiritual chakras.
This replica or clone of your body consists of a minute network of energy that is positioned almost two centimeters to five centimeters around your body. This spiritual body is linked to your physical body with seven major energy points known as “chakras”.

The imperceptible Chakras are related to specific parts of your body and each one of them has its own specific qualities. They perform different tasks and have their own unique color as well.

The main function of chakras is to facilitate the flow of energy from your imperceptible body to your physical body. This energy is known as ‘kundalini energy’ or ‘prana’ which is essential for the proper functioning of various organs of your body.
If this energy gets blocked or stops flowing owing to any painful memory of the past or any stress or trauma, soon your body starts malfunctioning, This causes various mental and physical ailments. The chakras are responsible for keeping us energized and happy.

Technological advancement has no doubt, made our lives simpler and easier, but at the same time, it has been adding too much stress and anxiety to our lives.
To live a happy and healthy life, it is essential for you to take care of your chakras to ensure they are functioning properly. Here are the seven fundamental chakras that you should be aware of-

Red Chakra or Root Chakrapositioned at the base of your spine.

Orange Chakra or Sacral Chakra situated on your navel.

Yellow Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakralocated at the start of your breastbone

Green Chakra or Heart Chakra positioned in your heart.

Blue chakra or Throat Chakra present in your throat.

Indigo Chakra or Third Eye Chakra situated between your two eyes.

Violet Chakra or Crown Chakrapositioned on the top of your head.

There are several things that you can do to clear your Chakras-

1. Get plenty of sleep.

2. Relax you body at regular intervals.

3. Try physical exercise.

4. Practice Yoga Asanas and deep breathing exercises.

5. Drink plenty of water regularly.

6. Indulge in healthy recreational activities.

7. Enjoy some time in solitude.

8. Learn to forgive.

9. Learn to accept rejected feelings instead of suppressing them.

10. Last but not least, always think positive, as negative thoughts are responsible for weakening the energy of your Root Chakra.

Besides this; aromatherapy, reiki healing techniques, listening to soothing music and wearing vibrant colors also play a significant role in stimulating your chakras.

These activities also rejuvenate your chakras and keep them healthy. When you take measures to awaken your chakras, your mind and body undergo significant transformation. Consequently, this revitalizes your body and brings happiness and contentment to your busy life.

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