Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy

Boost your energy levels the natural way.
If you suffer from low energy, now is the time to remedy that!
With more energy, you will feel motivated to exercise regularly and do your daily tasks. You will also be able to get through the day without resorting to caffeine and junk food just to stay awake.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

The amount of stress in your life can have a large impact on how much energy you have.
Emotional stress causes a severe lack of energy. If you are struggling with stress, try to figure out where it is coming from and avoid those triggers if possible.
If one of your stress triggers is your boss, or a close family member, it may not be possible to totally avoid that particular trigger. If that is the case, look for stress relief methods, such as spending time with friends or family, or going for a nice walk outside.
Take a lavender bubble bath to relax. Essential oils such as lavender or bergamot have calming effects on the nervous system and can help to reduce stress.
Learn and use one of the many breathing techniques or take time to meditate. Self-care is critically important in dealing with ongoing stress.

Release Energy-Boosting Chemicals Through Exercise

The list of benefits derived from physical activity seems endless, doesn’t it?
Our bodies were made to move. Being active will not only helps you lose weight, it will help you manage certain illnesses and increase your metabolism.
It can boost your energy as well. When you exercise, your body starts releasing hormones like epinephrine, which are natural energy boosters. Try to find ways to get more exercise each day, such as taking your dog for a longer walk, using the stairs instead of the elevator, or riding your bicycle to work. Park further from the supermarket or mall entrance when you go shopping.
Take a walk in nature, follow an online dance or exercise class if you can’t get out or use exercise equipment at home or in the gym. Every bit helps.

Get More Magnesium

Following a healthy diet and increasing your nutrients is always a good way to increase your energy levels. Getting adequate magnesium is one of the most important ways to use nutrients to boost your energy. Magnesium deficiency is often the cause for fatigue conditions. Try to find natural ways to get more magnesium, such as with fish, whole grains, and nuts like hazelnuts and almonds.

Get More Vitamins

The B vitamins are a particularly good source of energy and important for helping the body deal with stress too. Double bonus! B vitamins can be found in foods like eggs, legumes, seeds and nuts, meats and fish, citrus fruits, avocadoes and bananas.
Eating quality healthy foods that provide the body with energy will nourish you and give you what you need for good health.

Use Herbs
Herbs like ginseng, ashwagandha and maca can all help provide the body with more energy. That’s because these herbs are adaptogens, which means they help the body adapt to stress, provide energy, focus and motivation and balance hormones.
Ashwagandha is the featured Herb of the Month in the November 2020 issue of the Herbal Collective magazine online.

Bottom line: While having more caffeine and sugar might give you temporary boosts of energy throughout the day, you will end up crashing in the afternoon. This actually makes you feel more fatigued and is harder on the adrenal glands. Try to find more natural ways to boost your energy instead of just having more cups of coffee or sugary treats.

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