5 Things Passionate Gardeners Understand

To passionate gardeners, gardening is more than just a hobby.
Some people practice it vigorously as an art form with an almost academic discipline. It is a passion that those who are truly skillful can be worthy to be called gardeners and be awarded a ‘green thumb’ badge.

For us who do not understand the beauty and fulfillment of gardening, here are 5things that only passionate gardeners can relate to.

Under your fingernails can be garden beds

You have used the entire area of the backyard that you are tempted to plant on your fingernails because of the dirt accumulated throughtout the entire day. It’s not that you don’t clean yourself, but the constant gardening activities do not really equate to clean hands. Despite washing your hands and scrubbing them clean after a day’s work, you find yourself in the same dilemma day after day.

You think of naming your children Rose, Lily, and Daisy

Your love for flowers manifests in the different parts of your life. Your blog usernames and passwords contain floral words and names. You are bordering on being obsessed with these beautiful creations. Yet you decided to bring it up another notch and plan to name your children or pets flower names. This is also a way to instill the value of gardening while they are young. You might have a harder time training Daisy your dog or Lily your cat not to dig in your garden though.

Going out means visiting botanical gardens and plant expos

Spending a day in the garden still does not get you enough of it. A couple of your dates are spent strolling down the local gardens and only those who understand this passion are truly worthy of your love and attention.
Sometimes, passionate gardeners find themselves driving to these places to find peace and relaxation. Garden tours are wonderful ways to pass the weekend for passionate gardeners. You may also remember the time you went out to buy grocery items and find yourself buying plants instead.

You can whip mean recipes from plants grown in your yard

You learn many things simply by growing plants and flowers. You learn patience and nurturing skills. More importantly you learn practical abilities like cooking using fresh produce from your garden. You can perfectly whip out a dish, dessert or drink made from edible flowers and organic plants. Talk about a healthy diet.
It’s a great way to impress your family and friends.

You can name flowers better than you know the name of your cousins

While you love your family, you cannot match the names of your cousins to their faces. But with blooms, you could never go wrong. You devote most of your time growing them so that you can name even the rare ones.

These are plants like the Corpse Flower, (Amorphophallus titanum), the Flypaper Plant or strange herbs like the Toothache Plant, Korean Mint (Agastache rugosa) or Vietnamese Coriander.
In the off season you spend time poring over gardening books (often enjoyed with herbal tea), research gardening supplies (online and offline) and buy or accept gardening related gifts.

Passionate gardeners are a different bunch of interesting people. There are realities that only they can understand.  Herb gardeners are a whole niche unto themselves. They will tell you more things are growing herbs and how to use them that you never thought possible.
Once in awhile, you may want to spend time with one and learn more than just planting and watering plants.

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