The Best Herbal Supplements For Anxiety And Stress

Research has shown that anxiety and stress can be quite deadly.
Even arguing with keyboard warriors on social media can raise anxiety and stress levels in this current pandemic.
The good news is that there are various natural supplements and herbs that can help to reduce stress even without the many side effects that are associated with the common psychotropic medications. Here are some natural anti-stress and anxiety herbs.


This is a great herb that is usually brewed with tea or is taken as a supplement. It has been in use for centuries so as to calm the frazzled nerves and ease the mind. The herb is effective as an anti-stress and anxiety remedy as it contains some sedating qualities, though in a mild form. It is a good option for patients who are finding it difficult to sleep as a result of stress. In one study that took 8 weeks, 57 patients who suffered from anxiety disorders were given the herb. It was noted that they showed some modest improvement as compared to the placebos.


This is another herb that has been used for many decades to soothe an agitated mind. The roots of the herbs contain flavonoids as well as other active ingredients. The adaptogen can help you to adapt to your environment and this also applies to the stressful situations. The herbal remedy is not only effective but is also good for helping people suffering from high anxiety levels to sleep better. It is also considered to be an aphrodisiac with some effects that are mildly sedating.

Magnesium supplement

A great magnesium supplement or even consuming foods with high magnesium levels can help to soothe the tight and sore muscles. It is also good in lowering blood pressure and minimizing stress. On top of this, magnesium can help to minimize the abnormal heart beat and ensure that your cardiovascular system always remain in great shape. This herb is also a good choice for the treatment of type 2 diabetes on top of depression and insomnia.


This is a natural stress relief supplement that helps to increase the alpha waves of the brain and help you to feel a bit calmer. This is an indication that the old advice that suggested that sitting and sipping a cup of tea is a good placebo and can help to get rid of stress. In one study, it was found that L-theanine is effective in minimizing the negative response that occurs as a result of stress. Another study showed that it could increase the relaxation feeling in people suffering from some serious behavioral disorders.


This is a plant that has an amazing scent and is therefore quite effective in putting babies who are agitated to sleep. Smellng the herb or even drink tea that is infused with the herb can help to calm your nerves. Lavender essential oil is a powerful way to use this herb, with a few drops in a bath, used in a massage, inhaled or added to a sleep pillow.  Lavender is one essential oil that can be used neat, or directly on the skin.

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