Unique Flower Planters to Express Your Creative Self

Gardening can be an avenue to express yourself, especially with unique flower planters.
Besides being a relaxing and fulfilling hobby, gardening activities have a way to also bring out your creative self.
So, have some fun with gardening using these fantastic plant containers for your herbs and flowers.

Sea Shells

Make sure that these shells are discarded by their owners. As an animal enthusiast, you can collect as many empty shells as you can to create an entire bunch of small flower planters that you can line-up on your window sill. This is perfect for those who are living in dorms and apartments, which do not have space for large plant containers.

Old Suitcase

If your life peg is wanderlust, then an old suitcase as flower planters suits your spirit for traveling. Look for a defective suitcase from your pile of travel essentials and enjoy creating planters made from it. Nothing says creative than marrying your interests in one craft project.

Rain Boots

Flowers have always been a staple motif for fashion. You are never caught in bad fashion, even when it rains. But, as the seasons change, we just threw away key fashion pieces. So, if you have rain boots with a missing pair, make use of it by repurposing it into artistic flower pr containers. Being a fashionista, this project has you written all over it.

Old Toys

One thing that Toy Story taught us is that we all grow and our most cherished toys will become a distant memory. Don’t just keep them in the attic or storage. Bring them out and make imaginative planters out of them. You can recreate scenes straight out of your childhood days.

Old Pants
If you’ve grown out of an old pair of pants or have unrepairable rips and tears, than use those pants to as a unique flower planter. You’ll likely want the flowers or herbs in a plain container that sits inside of the pants. This has the added benefit of being able to switch the pants for another pair or wash them as needed. Have fun with it.

Candle Holders

Some people are into scented candles and fancy candle holders If you are one of these fanatics, you may have a couple of candle holders hidden in your storage room. These holders will make magnificent flower planters that are effortlessly creative. You are repurposing unused things, while having an artistic expression of your inner yoga diva.


What can you remember when you see baskets? Perhaps it will remind you of the picnics you had with family or friends or how your grandmother brings one while going to an early market shopping. Baskets can also be good and decorative containers for herbs and flowers. Remember to line the basket with waterproof material or put a pot inside the basket so the basket will not rot from dampness.

Plastic Soda Bottles

Repurposing plastic soda bottles are big contributions to the preservation of the environment. Instead of throwing these non-biodegradables make them into something sustainable. You can bring out the innate environmentalist in you and grow valuable plants from these bottles. Google has a lot to give you in properly growing plants from them. Also, don’t forget to unleash your creative side to decorate these bottles.

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