Argan Oil has Many Benefits for Skin

Argan oil has been used as a natural medicine for many years.

tt is used around the world by millions of people who take advantage of its many uses, including making their own beauty and hair care products that they can use with confidence.

Argan oil is mainly used to treat skin infections, ease bites from bugs and help and smooth skin rashes. It is also used extensively in beauty, skin and hair care products as a natural moisturiser and healing solution.

The first thing you can use argan oil for is as a night-time moisturiser. The oil absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving an oily residue. It’s perfect for night-time. One drop of oil, massage into skin and leave overnight, allowing the skin to absorb the beneficial properties, helping your skin look younger, fresher and healthier in the long run.

Another benefit to argan oil is that it acts as a very effective skin toner. Apply to the skin and rinse. This removes toxins and leaving the skin looking healthier and plumper. It is also effective as a defoliator. As a defoliator it moisturises while removing dead skin cells so you always have glowing skin that others will be envious of.

A major benefit that many people find with argan oil is that it can soothe and cut acne. Anyone suffering from acne will know that it can dash your self-confidence, lower your self-esteem and make you very aware of how your skin looks to those around you. With severe acne you can also find yourself with unwelcome marks on your face as you get older. Placing argan oil on your skin can soothe acne, fight the causes and help you eradicate the acne from your skin.

Anyone who has had a child, or has put on and then lost a fair amount of weight will develop stretch marks. Stretch marks are like wrinkles in that they never completely disappear, but what you can do is hide them effectively by massaging argan oil into your skin over the stretch marks.

Some people find that they suffer terribly from razor rash, also known as razor burn. Razor burn can be exceptionally uncomfortable, whether you develop it on your face, under your arms or on your legs. It can burn  and be itchy. It is a bright red rash which is difficult to hide. After shaving, rub some argan oil into the area and allow it to absorb into the skin to reduce the risk of razor burn moving forward.

You will find that argan oil makes a fantastic leave in conditioner for your hair. After washing your hair, towel dry and then apply the oil directly to the hair. You can then blow dry or style your hair as you wish to leave you with silky and shiny hair.

Many people use it to condition their lips. Whether you have spent some time in the sun or you have been out in the freezing cold, you will find that your lips are prone to cracking, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

Gently rub some argan oil directly on to the lips. The great thing is that it is fast absorbing and it doesn’t leave an unwelcome residue so you can get on with your day with ease and confidence.

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