Top Exercises for Firmer Arms

There are many exercises that will help you get firmer arms.
As women age they often have the dreaded baggy arms they want to avoid. Men are more likely to have arm muscle however they can benefit from these exercises too.
The following are three simple exercises that would take you just three minutes every day. These easy exercises are safe to perform and include back-to-back movements.

The Triceps Tensions:

When you are sitting,  take a weight (like a 5-10 lb dumbbell) in both your hands (something that you can lift up and down) and lift it over your head. When you do so, make sure that you take the proper position and keep your eyes straight ahead. Now gently lower the weight while making sure that your elbows are close to the body. Lift it again and lower, repeating for 25 times or do it 10 times in a set of 3.

For a more challenging effort, sit on a ball or stand with your feet apart. A stability ball would be a more challenging posture because you will need to maintain your balance as you perform the exercise.

The Triceps Press:

Without resting for a while, go for the second exercise. You can lie on the mat; bend your knees while ensuring that your feet are on the ground. Slowly lower the weights down, bring them to the ground and take them up again. Repeat this 25 times.

The Triceps Kickbacks:

Take light weights in your hands; bring your elbows next to the torso, and when you do so, make sure that your arm is parallel to your body. Swing your forearm backwards, bending at the elbows. Repeat this for 25 times or do 10 times in a set of 3. Whenever you bend your elbows, remember it should be at 45 degrees i.e., it should be parallel to the floor.

Remember these exercises are only for three minutes so keep the duration for each exercise to a minute. Don’t forget to do a bit of stretching before you begin and after you complete these exercises. You will be noticing firm arms in about a month or two.

These exercises will tighten fat in the targeted areas into lean muscle mass, which will further help burn fat efficiently. If you have a fat or flabby arms, doing these exercises may be helpful for you. These exercises will tone up your arms and give them a shapely look and you would feel more confident of yourself.

You will feel happy and energetic after doing these exercises. Remember to do these three exercises one after the other. You can take small weights to start with so you don’t feel tired. Then progress to heavier weights a desired.

Taking herbs such as green tea can help you get motivated and give you the energy to exercise when you don’t feel like it.
That in turn gets you fitter, toned and provides more stamina to cope with whatever life sends your way.
Oh yeah, your arms will look toned and sleek and you’ll feel great too.

To learn more about herbs, download the Top 6 Herbs for Better Health.

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