Cycling Off Calories to Burn Fat

Cycling is one of the preferred exercises to burn off fat and calories efficiently.
It is considered as ‘low-impact’ for cycling does not put much pressure on muscles and hamstrings in the limbs that could result to injuries. Cycling outdoors is also a venue to see breath-taking sights as well as meeting new people. To effectively cycle off calories, here are some simple steps to consider:


Water is the key in avoiding dehydration and in burning calories. Because cycling is a strenuous exercise, keeping the body hydrated is vital to reach the lengthy miles. Water provides the body with the lost of fluids in sweat and coaxes the body to release the energy stored in the fats. Plain water would do but ionized drinks could also be a substitute.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

The appropriate attire also plays a role in the exercise. Light but skin-tight clothing is suggested. Contrary from popular opinion, overdressing does not encourage more sweating and burning of calories. The heat released by the body would not be freely dispersed in the ambient air and the body would not be able to cool down efficiently. On the other hand, using light clothes would promote better heat dispersion.

Warm up and Cool Down

Like any other exercise, proper warm up and cool down procedures are observed. Before riding out, warm up stretches are undertaken so that the muscles would not be strained by sudden activity. After cycling, breathing and cool down exercises are dobe lessen muscle pains.

Take some Rest

Frequent rests and breaks are essential during cycling. These respites are opportunities to drink water or to eat healthy snacks. Hunger and thirst are not to be taken for granted as the body would not function efficiently without the vital fluids and nutrients. Eating during breaks would also prevent the overwhelming hunger after exercise.
Breaks are a good time to time in your surroundings and see if you can spot any herbs growing freely or those that are being cultivated.

Have a Balanced Diet

At the end of the day, to lose weight, exercise is always coupled with a balanced diet. The elimination of food groups in the diet would be unwise for this would only fuel your craving for them. Cutting the portions to fat-inducing food such as chocolates and sweets are better than removing them completely in your diet.
Using herbs and spices can enhance the flavour of food and improve your diet as well.

Cycling off calories is a good exercise that stimulates many parts of the body. However, it does not mean that once you ride for a few miles, its effects would be readily evident. Continuous exercising and a balanced diet is the key in burning those calories off.

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