How to Prepare the Spring Garden

With such a cold winter, many gardeners are delighted they can finally prepare the spring garden.
It is time to plant seeds and cultivate gardens which will bring about the hot green attractiveness of the spring season.
With the uncertainty during a pandemic, getting ready to garden gives us a sense of normalcy and something we can do to look after ourselves.
Growing our own healthy food becomes even more important in times like these.
So get out there and prepare your garden now or it might not be successful. Below are some of the very best strategies to organize your gardens for the spring season.

Start looking for Seeds and Bulbs

If you’d like to plant flowers such as lilies, it is time for you to start ordering seeds and bulbs. Otherwise, you will miss out on the radiant summer display.
You could get the seeds online or purchase them from the nearest store in your neighborhood. Make sure the seeds and bulbs are in excellent condition to avoid disappointments later in the season when the planting season has passed.
Have your potting soil and starter packs ready for indoor seeding now for easy transplants when it gets warm enough to transfer plants outside.

Clean the Garden

It’s time to go through the garden and throw out debris. Don’t ignore the lawn or the pond. Remove any weeds from the garden and put them in a pile to create a compost that could be used when gardening. Dig up the soil in the garden and flowerbeds to make sure it doesn’t harden. If you cannot do this yourself, it is time to find a gardening service.

Check Perennial Plants

Many herbs are perennials and come back every year. Check for new shoots and clear debris from around the herbs. Add a fresh supply of manure or compost. Repot herbs that are root bound and growing out of their containers.

Clean the Greenhouse

Tidy up in the greenhouse and remove leftover plant debris from containers. Ensure that the seats and floors are cleaned completely to avoid bringing in any pests. Look at the temperature and everything necessary to make sure the greenhouse is in an amazing condition when the spring season starts.

Repair Gates

Fix any gates you have so they swing properly. If you are using wooden fences, make sure they’re properly treated to avoid pest attacks. Fix any broken latches and re-paint them accordingly to make your garden appealing when the planting starts.

Clean the Gardening Tools

Take the gardening equipment out of the shed and go through everything carefully. Clean, sharpen blades and inspect them to make sure they are functioning well. Change broken or damaged equipment so that everything is working before you start planting.

Prepare Compost/Manure

If you’d like your crops to grow completely when the spring season comes, you have to be equipped with a large amount of garden compost and manure. Avoid using fertilizers or pesticides that can harm your plants.
Any unwanted weeds or plants picked from the garden need to be placed in a compost area.

Water Supply

Prepare your water supply so you have easy access to working hoses, sprayers and sprinklers when needed. Without water, the plants will die within a short time. Store big containers of water to ensure there is a sufficient amount of water for the plants. Use these ideas to prepare your garden in time for spring.

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