Why are Gallbladders Removed?

The gallbladder is a lonely organ-and for good reason.

Many people tend to forget about it until it is brought to your attention for some reason. While it’s a fairly important organ when it comes to the process of digesting food, chances are you never really consider it until you need it removed, or a friend or loved one needs to have theirs removed.

Even then, you may never really understand what the gallbladder does or why it sometimes has to be removed. So here’s a quick crash course.

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The gallbladder, a small organ overshadowed by (and attached to) the liver, is mainly a storage organ that aids with the digestion of fat, while helping to make bile more effective in its function to help the liver.

Bile created by the liver enters into the gallbladder through bile ducts, and is stored within the mostly hollow organ. When food that contains fat is passed into the digestive system, it stimulates hormones that cause the gallbladder to squeeze out its contents, releasing its stored bile into the small intestine.

The bile then travels through the small intestine and allows the fat from whichever meal you’ve ingested to be absorbed during this process.

It is actually the formation of gallstones that are the primary cause to remove gallbladders. For some people, the primary symptoms of gallstone disease is abdominal pain after eating fatty foods.

The difference is that not everyone has symptoms as a result of gallstones, so not everyone has to have theirs removed. Sometimes gallbladders are removed just to increase quality of life. Other times, the gallbladder may become infected or rupture and may need to be removed.

The removal of the gallbladder, otherwise known in medical terms as a cholecystectomy, isn’t the end of the world. Wen the gallbladder is removed, the liver takes over those duties that your gallbladder once did. For many people, living a normal life just requires a slight change to their diet, or at least being more conscious of what they’re eating every day.

There are some who experience problems even after having their gallbladders removed. These patients may need additional support from nutritionists or dietitians and may require guidance on what foods to eat, which to avoid and what other treatment options are available to recover after a gallbladder surgery.

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