Avoid Parasites by Boosting Your Immune System

What are the elements that can put your immune system out of whack?

In her book called The Natural Recovery Plan, Naturopath Alison Adams sets out a list of things that seriously affect the immune system.

Top of the list is emotional and physical trauma, together with ongoing exposure to toxic metals including the mercury that's commonly used in mercury amalgam fillings. Adams' list then continues on to viruses and bacteria, before ending with candida and then parasites.

What Adams is effectively saying is that our immune system gets compromised by stress, trauma, difficult relationships and mercury poisoning and then over time our immune system becomes so weakened that it's a matter of time before candida and parasites move in and take over.

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Adams' claims are certainly well-researched and backed up with some significant scientific evidence. But even so, there are still a couple of additional factors that could be hugely affecting the functioning of our immune system.

In his book 'The Body Electric', medical researcher Robert O. Becker tells us the following:

"Evidence to date suggests that our electropollution is presenting us... with a double challenge: weaker immune systems and stronger diseases.

"We shouldn't be surprised at an onslaught of 'new' ailments, beginning about 1950 and accelerating toward the future. In several cases, new maladies have recently been described as coming from pathogens that previously weren't capable of inducing disease. Among the newcomers are:

  • Reye's Syndrome
  • Lyme Disease
  • Legionnaire's Disease
  • AIDS."

The point Becker makes repeatedly in his book (that was written 30 years' ago) is that the subtle electromagnetic waves that each of us is exposed to every second of the day since the beginning of the 1950s, are disrupting cell growth and reproduction cycles (amongst many other things), collectively called the human biocycle.

The stratospheric rise in wifi, internet, mobile phones, FM radio stations, TV broadcasting and microwaves, amongst other things, are definitely impacting the body's immune system and overall strength and health.

The good news is that by working across all three levels of mind, body and soul, you CAN boost your immune system, you CAN start to get your energy back, and you CAN make candida and parasites a thing of the past.

The last, but most important area affecting your immune system and your ability to deal with things like parasites effectively, is your connection to God.

Modern medicine likes to pretend it's got 'basic' issues like worm infestation sorted out, but the truth is that many people have been using drugs, unsuccessfully, for years to try to overcome a parasite infestation.

One of the reasons that perhaps they've had limited success is because all health problems, even things like nits and pinworms, have spiritual and emotional roots. The more you take a holistic, God-based approach to boosting your immune system and eliminating parasites, which might include and dealing with any stressful 'parasitic' relationships you may have, and any 'parasitic' beliefs, or habits you may unwittingly be accommodating, the more progress you'll make with permanently resolving the problem at its root.

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