Herbs for a Full Moon

The scent of herbs on a moonlit night can feel absolutely magical on a warm summer’s night.
You look up and the moon is full and glorious, spilling bright beams down to earth highlighting everything it touches, especially the plants.

The lunar connection with herbs has been well documented. Herbalists have planted by the moon, harvested herbs by the moon’s cycles and created medicinal herbal products by the moon.

The moon’s tides affect the individual tides in our bodies.  As some herbs are more suited to organs in the body, they also correspond to the planets which orbit the greater body of earth.

The herbs associated with the Moon act principally on all the major fluids of the body (water and blood), the digestive system and gut overall. The primary action of fluids within the body is to regulate, nourish and eliminate. Much of our digestive activity, and “gut feeling” greatly influence our mood and emotional body.

Lunar cycles are also closely associated with menstrual cycles, so certain herbs can benefit women during these cycles and a full moon as well.

Which Herbs are Suited to Lunar Cycles?

There are some herbs that are going to stand out more as the ones most suited to enjoy on a full moon.
Some herbs have a certain glow in the moonlight that you won’t notice during the day. Other herbs spill their rich scents more in the evening than during the day.
Wouldn’t you love to experience the glories of these herbs and enjoy them especially on a full moon during a warm summer’s eve?


The silvery gray green leaves and scent of sage make it ideal to enjoy by the light of the moon.
There are many varieties of sage but Salvia Officinalis has the most medicinal properties.
Try growing other varieties such as Russian Sage or Purple Sage, which both have purple hued spiky flowers that will glow in the moonlight. Clary sage is another important herb associated with lunar cycles as this herb is particularly good at helping women with menstrual cycles.

This lovely herb also has gray green spiky leaves that will shimmer in the moonlight.  The English lavender only blooms for a short period in June unless you have the Spanish lavender. The Spanish lavender has the ‘bunny’ type ears that bloom all summer long.
But it is the scent of lavender that will make it wonderful to enjoy on a full moon. Rub some flowers and leaves between your fingers and inhale it’s wonderful refreshing scent.

Jasmine is a flower of love of both spiritual and physical manifestation.  With its wonderful floral scent, jasmine is an aphrodisiac that is also believed to attract the good will and prosperity to those who wear it.  In tea blends, Jasmine adds a calming element.  The white of the Jasmine flower only blooms at night, so that is what connects it to the full moon.

There are other herbs that can be enjoyed during a full moon.  To learn more about herbs, an Herb of the Month and more, get a subscription to the Herbal Collective magazine.

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