What Causes Low Testosterone Levels?

You would hardly find a man who does not want to look good and testosterone helps.
A masculine contour, chiseled jaw line, deep voice, broad shoulders, and irresistible sex appeal are something that every man wants for himself.

To get these features it is important to have the right level of testosterone hormone in the body, as that is the key factor behind the development of the sexual characteristics of a male body.

If you find your body’s testosterone level going below the threshold, there are many ways to increase it. One of the common ways to increase the testosterone in human body is to inject testosterone steroids which will increase the level drastically.

Like other steroids, this type of steroids also has many adverse side effects; so it is wise to opt for natural tips to increase level of testosterone in the body.

Tips to Increase Testosterone Levels Naturally

Exercise a Lot

Not only will exercising daily help in reducing the weight of the body, but at the same time it will help in boosting the testosterone levels as well. While most forms of exercise will do, to get significant results to increase testosterone levels you need to do resistance training like lifting weights or try high intensity interval training.

You will have to bid goodbye to sugar and alcohol forever if you want to improve the levels of testosterone naturally.

Proper Diet

A natural cause of drop in testosterone level in obese people is the habit of overeating. By restricting yourself from overeating, you would not only improve the T-levels, but will also stop gaining weight.

You need to ensure that your diet contains a good amount of zinc. This mineral is known to be a natural booster of testosterone and thus along with protein, carbohydrates and healthy fat, your diet needs to contain lots of zinc. You can add spinach, kidney beans, pumpkin seeds, beef, oysters, garlic, egg yolks or chickpeas in your food, as these are high zinc containing food items.

Vitamin D

One of the most important ingredients behind improving testosterone naturally is to increase the Vitamin D content in the body. You can certainly get good amount of Vitamin D from the rays of the sun, and in case you cannot do that, Vitamin D supplements can always help in increasing the portions of the required vitamin in the body.

Reduce Stress

One of the most beneficial natural ways of boosting the testosterone levels in human body is to get adequate amount of sleep. Your sleep will not be a healthy one if your mind is stressed.

Stress increases the levels of cortisol in blood, which counters the effects of testosterone in the body. To ensure that the rate of testosterone production in the body is not impacted, try to live a stress-free life as much as possible.

Avoid estrogen compounds

Exposure to estrogen like compounds like lotions, candles etc. can lower the level of testosterone in the body. Try to use products that are BPA free so that you can control the exposure to estrogen like chemicals to the best possible limit.

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