Elegant Azaleas – Stunning Impact in Your Garden

Elegant azaleas can add a stunning impact in your garden.

Some are a faint pink with darker markings on the petal edges that is gorgeous with blooms from the bottom of the plant to the end of every branch.

The only thing missing is fragrance. The good news: azaleas can bloom for several weeks.

Some azaleas expand and double in size after one year, like the Red Bird Azalea. Other varieties are smaller and more compact so it is good to choose the correct size for your garden area.

Azaleas planted in the front yard look grand with their cranberry blossoms each spring and provide eye catching scenery for the home. The azaleas tend to grow well under the pine and dogwood trees in the right environment, in the shade with acidic soil.

Sun and Shade

Azaleas don’t like too much sun. They prefer shade or tree cover with acidic soil either in the ground or containers. You can plant them in containers which will look great on the side of the house, on the front porch, on the deck and on the patio. As long as they have some shade, they develop profusely.

Azaleas are either evergreen or deciduous plants; they provide green serenity (except when blooming) in between numerous flowering plants in the garden.

During planting, you can add soil amendments prepared specifically for azaleas. These include organic acidic azalea food, seaweed organic fertilizer and rainwater. These organic planting methods ensure healthy soil, healthy leaves and roots, prolific blooms, and sturdy growth.

Prune the plants soon after they bloom to avoid reducing next year’s buds. You can prune some of the branches every other year to ensure buds for the next spring. Mulch your plants two to three inches deep with pine straw, leaves or bark.

By providing azaleas with their favorite environment, your plants can produce abundant blossoms and healthy foliage for you to enjoy in your garden setting throughout the year.

As a shrub, azaleas provide formal foliage throughout the year or you can prune them in a more casual, branching style.

Plant some elegant azaleas; they can make a stunning impact in your garden to enjoy their beauty year after year.

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