Can Herbs Help with Laziness?

It’s that time between Christmas and New Year’s where you just want to be lazy sometimes.This laziness can have its good points as a time of rest during winter days that are often long and dark.Sleeping in, lazing around the house, spending time with friends and family – these can all be good things done for a short period of time.

But if it continues laziness can interfere with the things that need to be accomplished in life.Snacking on junk food because you’re too lazy to purchase or prepare healthy food is not a good sign.Letting housework or laundry tasks slide interferes with having clean clothes, dishes to prepare food or functioning properly. How do you feel being in a messy house?

Things start to get cluttered, you tell yourself you don’t care but you know you will feel better when things are clean, neat and orderly.Again, don’t feel guilty for spending the odd afternoon binge watching a Netflix series and snacking on popcorn. You know you will clean up, get dinner, do errands later on. The people who suffer with laziness, often have the following symptoms:


Reduced thinking ability

Mood swings

Low energy

Fear of failing

Sleep disorders

Some of these symptoms are deep-rooted in underlying health issues or social patterns. The individual may be suffering from depression, have poor relationships or lack a strong support network.The first step is to determine what is causing the laziness.

Maybe the individual isn’t getting enough sleep, is working extra hard or not eating right.This is where self care is important and making sure you follow good sleep hygiene – avoid caffeine late in the day, go to bed at regular hours, etc.

Many people in society struggle with stress so taking care of these issues can make a big difference.Our adrenal glands are often over-taxed from too many stimulants such as caffeine in coffee.Get outside for walks or bike rides with friends, listen to energizing music and do something fun or inspiring such as a new art project.Laziness from depression needs to be checked out by a doctor so appropriate steps and medication can help. Some of the following herbs can also help with depression.

Herbs for Laziness

Herbs shine at helping a person to feel more motivated and energetic to tackle what comes your way.A type of herbs known as stimulants can help to get a person feeling motivated right away.These stimulants include herbs like cayenne, ginkgo biloba and wild oil of oregano.

Herbal Stimulants

Cayenne is a warming spice best used in small doses. However it can be taken in capsule form as it is warming for the digestion system and boosts the immune system.Ginkgo biloba is a good stimulant when someone needs to give their brains a boost to prepare for a meeting or exam.  The leaves of the herb encourage blood flow to the brain which means more oxygen. Ginkgo is not recommended for someone on blood thinner.Wild oil of oregano is best used as a stimulant for the immune system when someone is starting to feel ill. It can be used temporarily for the digestion system and is best used in small amounts.Green tea is high in anti-oxidants, provides increased energy and can contribute to weight loss.


Adaptogens are a class of herbs that help the body adapt to stress, provide increased energy and stamina, increased focus and motivation, help with hormone balance and a stronger immune system.Adaptogens include herbs like ginseng, maca, astragalus, ashwagandha and Tulsi or holy basil.Maca is a super tonic that is known for increasing libido, balancing hormones, regulating immune response, building strong bones and providing more stamina.Astragalus benefits work on building the ‘Chi’ energy throughout the body to increase mental clarity and physical endurance, strong immunity and quicker recovery from severe exhaustion.


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