Herbs and Spices Important Part of Christmas

Herbs and spices are an important part of Christmas.

Herbs and spices have been used in beverages and food, decorations and gift giving for the festive season since time immemorial.

Who doesn’t think of cinnamon in a hot, spiced apple cider?

Or oranges studded with cloves, turkey with sage stuffing or peppermint candy canes?

How about nutmeg and allspice used in baked treats?

Then there are decorations that can be made with herbs and spices.

Other than the clove studded orange, cinnamon sticks have been used in herbal decorations as well as ‘piney’ herbs like rosemary.

Rosemary bushes shaped like Christmas trees or used in swags, door decorations, wreaths and table decorations are a great way to add an herbal touch to the festive season.

Thyme is another piney herb that can be used for the festive season – in stuffing, as a seasoning and in an herbal ‘simmering’ recipe to scent the home.

Next to decorations, using herbs and spices in Christmas gift giving is another great way to add an all natural herbal touch to the season. Bath and beauty products are one good way to make use of herbs and spices.

Sugar scrubs, bath salts, bath bombs, fancy soaps and more bring a nice touch to the holiday season and are much appreciated by the one receiving the gift. Using natural elements such as cinnamon sticks or rosemary branches to decorate the gifts continues with the herbal theme.

Herbs and spices are deeply embedded in history for the festive season. They are also linked to Christianity with frankincense and myrrh connected to the Christ child and rosemary for remembrance of Mary.

Stop for a moment and think about what Christmas would be like without herbs and spices.
Probably lacking in flavor and delightful aromas. How can you make a gingerbread man without ginger?
It doesn’t work.
So look for ways to include herbs and spices as well as more natural elements for decorating or gift giving. Those around you will certainly appreciate it.

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