A Guide to Men’s Health

Let me start with a question – When is the last time you went to your healthcare provider?
I am going to bet that the vast majority of men probably don’t remember. I would be happy to lose this bet but I could probably bet the farm and do just fine.
Wellness is intentional. It doesn’t sneak up on us or chase us down. It is up to us to want it bad enough to make choices that put us on the path toward wellness.
I know that often people tell me that it’s so very confusing due to all the conflicting information that is on the internet. So where is a reasonable place to start. Well, the place to start is with your numbers.

Know Your Numbers
Know your numbers! What is your blood pressure, (BP), cholesterol, weight, blood sugar (and if any questions about your blood sugar - than your A1C, a lab test which will give you a very accurate reading on blood sugar levels for the last 3 months), hip/waist ratio-a good indicator of heart health, PSA levels-these levels have not been without some controversy but it’s a conversation to have with your healthcare provider.
High blood pressure is called the silent killer due to the fact that a person who has high BP very well may feel healthy. As for diabetes, the Diabetes Society of Canada estimates that 1 million Canadians have diabetes and don’t know it. Feeling fine is not a substituent for knowing your numbers.

Nutritional Needs
Next, do you know what your nutritional needs are right now? What is your body asking for so that it can rebuild and renew itself. A nutritional scan will give you a lot of information that you can use to make sure your body has the building blocks for renewal and longevity. Our bodies are amazing machines that can and will repair itself if we give it the nutrition it needs.
Many adults have a tendency to not pay enough attention to oral health. When is the last time you saw your dentist? Regular brushing and flossing are great but we also need to sit in the dentist’s chair and have a qualified professional assess the state of our teeth and gums.
And then while you are busy making appointments, make one with your eye-care provider. You only have one set of eyes, no one has a spare set in their back pocket, so please look after your vision.

STD Exams
STD exams are something that often are thought of as not necessary for ‘nice’ people. This just is not the case. It’s a simple blood test that can be added to your yearly blood work when you see your physician. STDs are common diseases that can be treated or managed effectively, especially as in all diseases, if diagnosed early.
Speaking of early detection, colon cancer testing is a must for every man over 50. If you have a positive family history of colon cancer, your physician.
Written by Ginny Gossen of New Hope Wellness. Read the remainder of the article in the June'18 issue of the Herbal Collective magazine

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