How to Use Essential Oils for Stress Relief

People deal with stressful situations on a daily basis. This may include their job stability, lack of natural light, unnatural lighting, working at a computer all day, and daily job pressures are just a few of the growing list of situations that people deal with. Unfortunately in some of these situations a person feels that these are beyond their control which in turn leads to even more stress.
There are many ways to cope with stress and one very effective way to do this is through aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the therapeutic healing and concentration of good health by the usage of essential oils. The best thing is that aromatherapy can be administered in the comfort of one’s home and if necessary can be used in some workplace situations. With a little information and common sense, aromatherapy can be a very helpful work place reliever.

Here are a few helpful hints of using aromatherapy to relieve stress:
1. Some individuals wear a pendant that allows them to carry their essential oil blends. Massage the oil into places such as the neck or temples where stress can often accrue. Another way to dispense stress-relieving aromas is to find a small essential oil dispenser and place in one’s workplace.
2. A floral water spray mist scented with a person’s individual needs is another helpful way to administer an aromatherapy treatment. The mist adds moisture to the air and a spritz on the face is a great natural way for a needed pick me up. Dilute a few drops of oil in a bath, add to a sleep pillow or sachet or dilute 5 drops in a small bottle of sweet almond oil or other base oil.

3. Essential oils to help relieve physical stress, for example from manual labor, housework or gardening are:
· Clary-sage
· Cypress
· Eucalyptus
· Peppermint
· Rosemary

4. For stress resulting from one’s surroundings such as bright lights or loud noises, try one of these:
· Basil
· Cedarwood
· Chamomile
· Coriander
· Geranium

5. Essential oils that helpful alleviate mental stress, this can be from our work environment or daily living are:
· Basil
· Cardamom
· Geranium
· Sandalwood

6. For those times to relieve physical stress as a consequence of overeating, too much junk food and breathing unclean air:
· Geranium
· Grapefruit
· Lavender
· Lemon
· Rosemary

7. Essential oils that help promote relaxation are:
· Chamomile
· Frankincense
· Lavender
· Marjoram
· Pine
· Rose
· Sandalwood
· Tangerine

Research shows that using aromatherapy essential oils regardless of the method is effective and best of all it works quickly. Enjoy exploring the many benefits of aromatherapy the next time you feel tense or stressed out. It’s funny to think that the old saying of ‘stop to smell the roses’ can help to make you feel better too.

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