What to Expect from a Natural Body Scrub

Natural body scrubs are great for the feet, hands, elbows and many parts of the body.
You can increase or reduce the ingredient amounts proportionately based on how much exfoliating body scrub you want to make. Before getting down to the nitty-gritty and create your own scrub, you have to decide whether you prefer a sugar or a salt based scrub.

Sea Salt or Sugar?
Sea salt is best used for a salt scrub as many synthetic colors could be carcinogenic. There are a number of different facial cleansers that can be made with natural ingredients, a lot of which you really can discover right in your kitchen.
If you’re looking for something which smells good, make certain it’s scented by essential oils. These oils may be used in numerous ways. Essential oils such as vanilla, rose or lavender enhance salt and sugar scrubs making them more effective.

Best Oils
After you have chosen the key ingredients for your own body scrub then you’ll select an oil that is certainly skin friendly and good for sensitive skin.
Coconut oil is often chosen as it blends well with sugar or salt. Along with hydrating the epidermis, repairing damaged epidermis cells and stimulating collagen production, coconut oil functions as an excellent base oil for scrubs. Coconut oil can also help remove makeup while moisturising the epidermis.
Body scrubs offer a gentle way of exfoliating the epidermis and can help increase circulation. Using a pure sunblock with a higher SPF is another useful ingredient to add to a scrub as doing this will help maintain skin moisture.

The majority of people do not take time or have enough time to look into the chemicals that go into the products. Though many products say “natural” the contents aren’t natural. The label of “Fragrances” can also signify a variety of synthetic and poisonous chemicals.
Making your own natural body scrubs are healthy and easy to use. Don’t hesitate to adjust the degree of oils and salt within your body scrub to fit your personal preferences.
Simply have a handful or scrub, massage all of it over the area you want to smooth and rinse. Moisturize your skin when done. People with dry skin benefit from shea butter though it is popular with others as well.

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