Yoga – an Elixir for Mind and Body

Yoga is an elixir for mind and body which makes it unique from other forms of exercise.
Yoga is generally related to the Hindu religion and the yogis but it is not a religion. It is a way of life with the aim of healthy mind and body. As per Yogic texts man is a combination of physical self, mental self and spiritual self so the yoga-practice is a way to develop all three aspects. Other exercises are only for the body and do not have any connection to the spiritual aspect of life.
Yogic practices, on the other hand, help to regulate physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Here are some of the benefits of this ancient technique:
• Promotes equilibrium and harmony of mind, body and spirit.
• Helps the body in healing itself. There have been many instances of an ill person getting well
• Detoxifies body by removing toxins and the mind by removing negative thoughts.
• Empowers the individual, and the energy can be felt from within.
• Reduction of stress in life is one of the many benefits of yoga-practice.
• Self-awareness is achieved which can help realize true potential.

3 Myths Related to Yoga
1. You Need to Be fit to Practice Yogic Poses - People generally believe that they cannot perform yoga-asana, as they are very complex. This myth has arisen from seeing advance yogis in extreme yogic positions. But unfit people can practice it and the asana can be modulated as per the need.
2. Weekly Exercise is Ideal - In fact, the ancient texts prescribe yoga to be done daily, even if it is just 20 minutes.
3. Yoga is a Religion - Yoga is not a religion, but a philosophy which helps us live a better and responsible life.

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