Inflammation is linked to heart disease

Inflammation linked to heart disease is becoming more of a reality than ever.
Although it is not proven that inflammation directly causes cardiovascular disease, it is common for heart disease and stroke patients to have inflammation. Research shows certain foods like sugar and simple carbohydrates are more likely to cause heart disease than previously thought.
Researchers are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention analyzed national health surveys between 1988 and 2010 which included questions about people’s diets.
They then used national death data for 30,000 American adults to calculate risks of dying during 15 years of follow-up.
The research showed that all types of people - from a normal weight to obese - were more likely to die of heart disease even if their diet was moderately high in sugar.
Consuming two 12-ounce cans of soda daily could tip the scales towards a higher risk of dying from heart disease.
Becoming aware of how herbs, essential oils, homeopathy and more natural treatments could help lead to a healthier heart will make a significant difference in an individual's life.
It's a two step approach - making changes in diet and exercise as well as using herbs and supplements for a healthier heart.
It's also why knowing that inflammation is linked to heart disease that makes a person more aware of their food choices.
Cutting back on sugar and simple carbohydrates and increasing fresh foods, healthy fats like olive oil, salmon or tuna and beans (legumes) in the diet leads to a healthier heart. Start with fresh fruits and vegetables every day.

Lowering Risk is Crucial
The traditional medical approach is to use cholesterol-lowering medications called statins, which appear to reduce arterial inflammation. What's unclear is whether is from lowering bad LDL cholesterol or if it's linked to something else.
Clinical trials are ongoing to see if other medications might lower inflammation in arteries and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. More information on the role of inflammation should be available in the next few years.
Rather than wait, it's critical for an individual to control the risk factors (cigarette smoking, high blood pressure and LDL [bad] cholesterol) that can lead to inflammation.
There are key factors and behaviors to avoiding heart disease and stroke risks and live a healthier lifestyle.
These include losing weight, exercising, quitting smoking, controlling cholesterol, reducing blood sugar and managing blood pressure.

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