Keeping Track of Fertility Cycles

Charting is a useful tool for monitoring a woman's fertility cycles.
Many women note on the calendar when their period starts, but unfortunately too few women understand the signs and symptoms of ovulation.
It really is quite easy to identify ovulation; there is a clear, stretchy, and very slippery fluid produced in the cervix which is quite apparent on the tissue when the woman wipes after urination or a bowel movement. Most women have noticed this discharge without knowing its significance.
The few days in which this mucus is observed are a sign of the fertile phase in a woman's cycle, the days she could get pregnant if she so desired. It also indicates the days when her estrogen levels are at their highest. By notating these observations, we get a very useful health record and diagnostic tool as well.
The chart is like a reflection of what is happening hormonally in the women's system and provides a wealth of information to a Reproductive Health Practitioner or Fertility Awareness Educator.
Women who chart their cycles (either for avoiding or achieving pregnancy or just as a way of keeping track to avoid surprises) enjoy a much higher sense of acceptance and integration with the hormonal changes their bodies go through. This feeling of control has a positive impact on many other aspects of a woman's life.
Being aware of how her body works is the first step to how a woman understands how the changes in a woman’s life affects her, whether she wants to get pregnant or not.
That knowledge impacts her relationships in all walks of life and a woman’s interactions with men. So start charting your cycle now, regardless of where you are in life.
Herbs can also play a role in a woman's hormonal balance. Adaptogenic herbs like maca and ashwagandha can nourish female organs and provide hormonal balance. Other herbs like damiana, red raspberry, stinging nettles, dong quai and chaste tree berry aid the body in hormonal balance and provide better fertility.

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