Alkaline Diet Critical for Women

Having the proper balance of acid/alkaline in the body is super critical for women.
Why? First, let's look at what acid/alkaline means. It is a measure of the ph balance in the body - how much acidity or alkalinity is in the body's fluid.
The body's ideal ph levels should be between 6.8 to 7.2. A body that has more acidity is lower in numbers on the ph scale while a body with more alkalinity is higher in numbers.
So an alkaline diet is critical for a woman to have optimum health.

Why is an acidic body bad for health?
Acidity leads to inflammation which leads to chronic conditions such as heart diease, asthma, arthritis, lowered immunity and osteoporosis.
For a woman, an acidic body affects the calcium balance. Consuming beverages such as soda pop, for instance, will put more phosphates into the body and draw calcium out. An acidic body will leach calcium away from the bones, leading to osteoporosis.
As women get older the calcium that is continually being leached out of the bones leads to a bone structure that is frail and starts to resemble Swiss cheese. A simple fall can be dangerous leading to broken bones, extended hospital stays and declining health.
This is why it's critical to balance the body's ph levels. Green foods and herbs can help make the body more alkaline. Women need to be sure to have the proper ph balance to ensure strong bones.
Calcium deficiencies and Vitamin D deficiency also weaken the bones. Other factors such as smoking, excessive alcohol, being seriously over or underweight, a woman who has stopped menstruating or has an ongoing condition such as overactive thyroid can all contribute to osteoporosis.
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