Chamomile Effective for Digestion and Stress

Chamomile is well known for its sedative qualities.
It is most commonly drunk as a tea for its calming effect but it also effective as digestive aid.
This pretty herb with the dainty yellow flowers is popular in Germany, where the Germans use it externally for wounds and inflammation and internally for indigestion and ulcers.
Chamomile is so popular in Germany they call it "alles zutraut" or 'capable of anything.'
Of course that is an exaggeration but this herb has a lot going for it.
Chamomile has a chemical compound that relaxes the smooth lining of the digestive tract, which makes the herb anti-spasmodic. It is considered to be as effect as an opium-based drug.
Chamomile has along history as a calming agent which is backed by science. Argentinian researchers discovered that a compound in chamomile binds to the same cell receptors as the family of tranquilizers and anti-anxiety drugs that include diazepam - which suggests that chamomile has a similar effect without the side effects.
Japanese researchers working with chamomile oil vapors doing a study of animals under stress noticed that the stress hormone in the animals fell significantly as a result of chamomile. Chamomile has a mild mood elevating effect which can be useful for mild depression.
To learn more about chamomile and other herbs, please visit the Herbal Club.

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