Herbs for Clean, Clear Skin

Is Your Skin Clean?
By clean skin – does it look healthy? Is it clear and smooth or do you have a lot of blemishes? Do you suffer from acne or skin conditions like dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis.
Are you aware that the health of your skin is a reflection of what is going on insider your body?
If you have inflammation, unbalanced hormones, digestive disturbances or any of the many modern ills of society, your skin will reflect that.
If your colon is blocked, your lymph glands are working poorly or your liver is overloaded, your skin will also reflect that. Your skin is the largest detoxifying organ in your body.
Skin that is yellow (jaundiced) reflects a liver working overtime. Gray skin may be an indication that the lungs are not getting enough air or that there is not enough air circulating.
There are a number of herbal skin cleansers that help to clear the skin as some of them also clean the blood and liver.
These include burdock root (also improves the liver and cleans blood), Oregon grape (a colon cleanser, blood purifier and liver stimulant), yellow dock ( a blood and liver cleanser) goldenseal (stimulates detoxification of the blood, liver, kidney and skin), ginger (which helps clear skin by stimulating circulation and sweating), peppermint (which has a stimulating effect and is also good for the stomach) and cayenne pepper (which purifies the blood and increase fluid elimination and sweat).
When people have unhealthy skin it’s important to think about what is going on inside their bodies. What stressors are causing it, what is causing the inflammation or toxins to come out of the skin like that? People with glowing, healthy skin often have good health.
So deal with those toxins in your body and remember that herbs can go a long way to help in the healing process.

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