How to Keep Fitness Resolutions

The gyms are overrun in January with people looking to keep their fitness resolutions.
The days are long, dark and cold. By mid-February much of the impetus for getting fit has sadly gone by the wayside.
But there are ways to make that fitness resolution stick.

Choose an Activity You Like
If going to the gym seems like a chore, find a fitness class you really want to attend. It doesn’t have to be the gym. Go to the local pool, go hiking, join the racquet club or take up dancing. Finding a combination of activities is even better.
If it’s an activity you look forward to, you’ll be much more likely to do it.
Either way, it’s important to have a balance of cardio and weight training.

Get a Buddy
Having a buddy who gets you going or who is going to the same fitness class as you keeps you accountable and motivated. Plus there is someone to talk to and share your fitness goals.
Hiking groups will have people you can make friends with and have someone who looks forward to seeing you come on the trails.

Hire a Personal Trainer
If you can’t find a buddy, hiring a personal trainer is a great way to get fit and stay motivated. A personal trainer who guide you towards a workout regime that is effective and one you can stick with. While a personal trainer can be expensive, there is nothing like paying for a fitness activity to make sure you achieve your goal.

Write it Down
Track your fitness goals – whether you write it down on a pad, have a fitbit or pedometer – these are all ways to make sure you achieve your goal. With all the apps available on the market, there's no excuse for no tracking your fitness goals. Keep track of weight by using the good old scale.

Have Definite Goals
There's nothing like a definite goal to ensure you achieve it. A vague 'get fit for the New Year' goal makes it easy to skip out. When you get specific, you are telling your mind and body you are serious. Write down specific goals, such as "I will lose 20 lbs and get fit by Feb. 28 by attending the gym 3 times a week and cutting out bread and sugar and reducing my caloric intake to 1800 calories a day." Write that down.

Have Good Nutrition
You might have got a little lazy about nutrition during the past holiday season. Get back on track with a healthy nutrition plan – plan your meals and prepare or cook in advance so you don’t give in to fast food. Incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into your daily routine, prepare foods ahead of time for when you need to grab and go. Cutting calories is a major part of losing weight and getting fit. Keep healthy lean protein with every meal.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
Realize that it takes six weeks of working out steadily 3 times a week before you notice a major difference. Keep that in mind and think ahead to how fantastic you will look in the spring. Make sure you weight train as lean muscle burns more calories even at rest.

Use Herbs to Get Motivated
Coffee is a common morning motivator but not the best fuel for the body. Try using a natural approach such as green tea or ginseng to get motivated for a workout. They can also help the body metabolize fat faster. Drinking cholorphyll is another approach that works. You may also consider an herbal detox or cleanse. Ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals. The B Vitamins help give the body energy.


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