Get ‘green’ gift ideas

The holiday season will soon be upon us with all its demands

For those who want to do something different, to lighten the environmental impact and give a green gift, there are many great ideas.

It could become a new trend among staff Christmas parties or organizations, where people bring little ‘green’ gifts for each other. Why not make it a ‘green’ party and encourage everyone to bring an environmentally or ecologically friendly gift?

Here then, are some top 10 ‘green’ gift ideas

An obvious, though often overlooked gift is to give a plant or dedicate a tree in someone’s honor. Maybe give them ideas for next spring’s herb garden.

Or perhaps an herbal gift basket with teas, supplements, herb seeds, essential oils, natural bath and beauty products plus much more.

A homemade jam, pie or maybe something more decadent is appreciated by many people. Give them a mix for bread, muffins or scones with the recipe attached.

A water barrel makes a great gift for those who want to water the garden without worrying about running the tap.

Vegetable and fruit box subscriptions are great and truly keep on giving for many months. Organic clothing made with fabrics from bamboo, cottons, hemp or other natural materials.

A donation to the recipients’ favourite charity will help provide basic necessities to those who need it in a developing world.

Wooden toys for children or toys made with other natural materials beside plastics. These will probably last longer than plastic toys as well.  Organic body-care products such as essential oils and bath salts are great for pampering. A gift certificate to the recipients favourite spa or massage therapist is always appreciated.

Give a gift that keeps on giving all year, with an online membership to the Herbal Collective’s Herbal Club.

For more ideas on ‘green’ gift giving, read the Nov’17 issue of the Herbal Collective here.

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