Using the Many Types of Mint

Mint is one of the most well known herbs to use and enjoy..
Most people are familiar with peppermint tea and have appreciate both peppermint and spearmint gum for freshening the breath.
But did you know there are many other types of mint?

Chocolate Sauce and Strawberries for Valentine’s Day

Looking for a quick, simple solution for something tasty for Valentine's Day? There's nothing like chocolate and strawberries to enjoy

Stevia – the Sweet Herb with Zero Calories

Looking for a great way to sweeten food without calories? Stevia, the sweet herb, has many benefits. It has zero

Planning the Spring Herb Garden

Got an itch to get your spring herb garden going?
As winter slowly turns to spring, the days become sunnier and longer.
Now is the time to start herb seedlings indoors so they are ready to put plant when the ground warms up.
Some herbs grow really well from seeds, others like lavender, do not.

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